Project: Help Fund Our Groomer

Our goal is to provide local access to groomed fat bike trails. Our best course of action is to purchase a fat bike specific groomer and set up agreements with local land managers. We’ve decided that the Trail Tamer from Tracks USA will be our best option for right now. We’d like to raise $10,000 to cover the purchase of the main piece of equipment, lights, attachments, and some other odds and ends to get a grooming kit rolling along in Tucker County. Proceeds from the Mountain State Fat Bike Champs and any private donations will go towards this project, as well as the following gofundme campaign.

Some day we (WVfat and the Mountain State Fat Bike Champs) may become a non-profit organization but right now we are a loose group of individuals that just want to pump up fat biking in the area. If we end up dissolving before an organization is solidified, the equipment will be sold and proceeds will be donated to a recreation based endowed fund with Tucker Community Foundation. That way everything stays above board and there’s a contingency plan laid out.


trail tamer