General News: Winter 2020

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. We are enjoying fall but our minds eye is turned to a wintery and wild West Virginia fat bike season. There’s a number of winter outlooks all across the board, but we choose to listen to the most favorable one. Snow is on the way!

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With a plumped up season behind us, we are looking forward to a new and improved wv fat tracked winter wonderland. We need support for grooming, which is our primary goal: getting regularly groomed Fat Bike Trails! With the support already levied, we will be able to pick up a small track groomer for the 2020 season. Any additional race revenues or donations will aid in more time spent on it out in the snow. With that in mind, we are working on regular grooming locations which will be announced as the pre-season progresses.

You can expect a new race addition to the calendar this winter and more of the social events to progress as well. The White Grass race will be back, and we’ll announce the new venue when there is something to tell. You might also keep an eye out for a cold weather, bike packing bivvy event. Until then, get out and ride!


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